Local Motorsport Events
LIVE & On-Demand

4K & 1080 HD Live Motorsport

Broadcast on any device - Smart TV, Phone/Tablet and much more

What are we doing?

We aim to increase local motorsport exposure by providing coverage of New Zealand’s motorsport events to local & international viewers.

When are we launching?

Our team is currently securing funding for hardware & equipment required to bring you crisp 1080 HD and 4K HD motorsport content.

On-demand content is being filmed currently and available upon event-by-event basis.

Founding Members

Want to help? Become a founding member ( Free or Paid ) and help us to reach our goals – Broadcast New Zealand’s amazing range of motorsports!

What motorsports will be broadcasted?

Our team have extensive experience in broadcasting a range of motorsports, we aim to broadcast all types of motorsport during production.

How much will it cost?

Monthly subscription rates start from only $5.00, ranging up to $29.95 for 4K HD access. Free Plan includes On-Demand access*

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